Saturday, February 16, 2013

Southern Thailand (Hat Yai) : Another Experiences

Assalamualaikum and very good evening. So how your day? Is everything is fine?
Y'all , today I want to share my wonderful experiences. During this recent mid-term semester break, I managed to get myself to go Hat Yai for Student Exchange Program (SEP). This was a collaboration between both of Faculty of Law University Malaya and Prince of Songkhla University, Hat Yai. To be honest, I'm really excited and looking forward to come again.
Here are some pictures to share with y'all.

Warmed welcome by them..

they call their university in short form, PSU

Their university got their own lake and to be honest, it is larger then UM

Learning the 'Thai' dance
My friend, Amira Marlini brave enough to hold the snake.Me,  a big NO!

Floating Market or Khlong Hae

They said, last year, this mall was bombed. 
You bought a coconut water, you will get free this!

My new friends from Hat Yai, Bell Intira and Ploy

Hat Yai  Public Park

You will see this ,they called 'tuk-tuk' is very in Thailand

You go everywhere, they love night market(pasar malam) and the food, two words : cheap and delicious 

PSU Faculty of Law

Hat Yai Ice Doom 

After shopping 

we have to present

Cultural Night

dancing with my friend, Panasari sai

Taking picture with their super nice dean, Arjan Wassin

Farewell Party.. 
unexpected gifts from all of my buddies, Jib and Thad. thanks y'all!

I did really enjoy this wonderful experience and making a  new friends  plus getting know their culture is amazing! I really hope that I can join this program for next year.

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