Friday, September 14, 2012

What A Wonderful Starter!

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all of you.
Wow, what a surprise! Now, i'm a second year student of Faculty of Law.How fast time had  move on until I don't realise that.
Be in a first week already been chaotic for me. As the first day, all the juniors are rushing towards us to sign into their paper. what a memories of doing that things last year. i have to admit, sometimes it really hard to remember the greeting which sound like this

" A very good morning to our dear honourable, most respected, adored and highly thought of senior gentleman/sir, lady madam, i'm your humble freshie, ......'

That is really damn long right?ha2..
 The most interesting part for me is when senior meet junior collectively in the our beloved Auditorioum. Wow, its like superb! 
Now i know how exciting to seat at there, and boo-ing the juniors.
Poor you guys, juniors.but believe me, not just me, but all the seniors there, had through out that things and again, believe me, u gonna smile when you guys think about that.he3. :P

I just get motivated when I saw those who are in Dean List, for obtaining 3.7 and above. Plus, our senior, Ambitha, was one of the person, who managed to get a first class degree, made me think I also can do it..
I have to work out more aggressively, to be more hard-working, reading the cases, makes a note earlier!
Mungkin, aku tak mampu, tapi akan aku mencuba dan terus mencuba.. Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, Kau permudahkanlah perjalanan aku setahun disini..semoga semua nya terus berjalan dengan baik.

2nd year, here i'm come!